Have you already looked for a photo of me? Here it is!

I was born in East Westphalia, a rural region known for its hard-working, sometimes stubborn, but mostly very caring people. It is also the area where Arminius repelled the Romans. If he hadn’t done that, perhaps Germans would be speaking Italian today!

After studying psychology, I lived in beautiful Hamburg for a long time. I initially worked there briefly as a strategist, then as a qualitative market researcher for a long time (as Unit Director and Head of Insighting). Since 2012 I have been a one-man army and have been working more as a strategist again.

Sunny Munich is now my hometown. In addition to my work, I particularly enjoy spending time with my family, going to the English Garden every day if possible, hiking a lot in the mountains, listening to Schubert sonatas, reading Hölderlin, or searching for pearls in the mud on the Internet.

My motto: Send in the clowns.